Northside Community Development Fund

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The Northside Fund assists companies seeking to locate or expand on the Northside. The organization also helps building owners and developers identify new tenants

If you have and/or know of a building for sale or for lease, please let us know via the form below.


If you company is looking for space in which to relocate or expand, please let us know via the form below. 


Strategic Real Estate Projects

The Northside Community Development Fund works with Northside neighborhood-based organizations and private developers to create home-ownership opportunities throughout the Northside.  We do this by providing predevelopment loans and construction financing.

Current for-sale housing development projects underway include:

Bonvue Street in Observatory Hill in conjunction with Observatory Hill, Inc.

Woodland Avenue  in Brightwood/Marshall Shadeland in conjunction with Brightwood Civic Group

Columbus Square in Manchester in conjunction with Manchester Citizens Corporation


Current Mixed-Use projects include:

Observatory Hill / Perrysville Avenue Business District properties in conjunction with Observatory Hill, Inc.

Historic Deutschtown / East Ohio Street Business District Projects in conjunction with East Allegheny Community Council.


Strategic Real Estate Projects:

The Northside Fund has also provided predevelopment and acquisition financing to

Workingman's Savings Hotel project in the 800 block of East Ohio Street (East Deutschtown Neighborhood)
The Brewery Project (home of Penn Brewing) in Troy Hill




** Please call the number listed below, or fill in the following information to email Chelsea Newcomer (Assistant to the Executive Director) at the Northside Community Development Fund.

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Northside Community Development Fund
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